Married To The Rave Music Festival (MTTR) 2017

On August 19th, 2017 the inaugural Married To The Rave Music Festival (MTTR) will take place at Woodstock, Orlando. This one of a kind festival will be hosted by EDM FRONTLIFE and team.
Led by Nick Acuna, this team has been hard at work creating a sanctuary for this inaugural event. The festival will be making its mark with 3 stages, including The Main Stage, The Patio, and The Lounge. The coveted “Mainstage” will be headlined by Protohype and PhaseOne. These two artist boast sounds that any festival junkie or music feen would kill to hear. Now let’s talk about “The Patio”, where you will hear the ever so elusive Trance sounds, headlined by Indecent Noise and Neptune Project curating some one of a kind vibes. “The Lounge” will have the rhythms of House & Techno and will be headlined by Matt Lange and Landis Laplace. There’s really no other way to have your birthday and the EDM FRONTLIFE team is doing it right!
With many great artist making huge impacts on the industry this year in the line up and we can’t wait hear them at MTTR Music Festival.


It’s incredible to see the MTTR team create a platform for local artist to showcase their talents (20 open slots 1-6pm that are first come first serve, USB Drive needed, 15 mins to kill it). This adds a sense of community and support that stands out to artist as well as festival goers as beacon of unity for all involved. There isn’t a better way to gain the support of a community and set an example for the scene for years to come.

The Conversation:

We couldn’t have been more excited to feature this event but after chatting with a representative from the MTTR team we knew it was going to be even more special then we had originally thought!

(Conversation with MTTR Rep)

Bass Cvltvre
: What impact do want to MTTR festival to have on the culture of dance music?

“It seems that there is a lot of genre bashing going on and we just wanted to put something together for all the open minded EDM lovers out there. We put this together in hopes we can get the whole community to be more open minded about other genres”

Bass Cvltvre:
It’s been 3 years since the Journey began, how’d you get to the point of putting on an actual festival?
MTTR Rep: “After multiple shows, we thought it was time we did something bigger. We spent a couple months deciding a lineup/venue and then we executed the plan”

Bass Cvltvre: When it comes to festivals people love to get caught up in the headliners. You all have an incredible balanced line up catering to all types of festival goers. Talk to us about the balance in genres and why it’s so important at a festival?

“The lineup consists of 3 genres, each genre has 2 Headliners and multiple artists. Our artists where chosen as ones that stand out in the underground Bass/Trance/House music scene. Every single one of them will take you on a journey and is extremely skilled at Djing. Balance of genres is important because we want to show love to all genres.”

Grab your squad this weekend and make your way to MTTR Music festival for an intimate journey of infinite feels!

What you need to know:
Festival: Married To The Rave Music Festival

Date: August 19th

Ages: 18+

Get tickets at:

Amenities: VIP Cabanas, 3 bars, Food Trucks

Address: Woodstock Orlando: 500 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32805

Please stay hydrated, be safe, and take care of each other this weekend! We are all one. One Beat. One moment. One Culture.

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