Recap: Corona Electric Beach|Interview Hype Turner & Clips Ahoy

Photo: Yinuo Li (Instagram:

EDC Orlando, known as one of North America’s biggest festivals, is approaching. With it just around the corner, we start to prepare our minds and bodies for this epic weekend. In preparation for EDC, we can’t forget to tune into major pre-parties and events. Today I visited an EDC Orlando pre-party called Corona Electric Beach. This event is called Electric Beach to represent the Electric Beach stage that will be present at EDC this year. The artist performing today included Corporate Slackers, Clips X Ahoy, Hype Turner, and Sikdope. Like all pre-events for EDC, it took place in downtown Orlando. Today it was held at Aero. Although I’ve never been to this venue before, I loved it. Aero is a standard rooftop bar that they transformed into an impressive venue. Corona capitalized its name. Buckets of Coronas were handed out to each table and person, hats and t-shirts were being passed around all while listening to Dj’s drop our favorite tracks. It was a memorable afternoon that made me even more excited for EDC to approach. The venue was very secluded and exclusive, which made it easy for me to catch up with the artist that were performing that day.

Photo: Yinuo Li (Instagram:

I briefly had a chance to catch up with Clips X Ahoy after his set. He was super pumped to be playing at EDC for the second year in a row. This year he is scheduled to play two sets at EDC; the EDC Electric Beach and the Boombox ArtCar. Shortly after, I was able to sit down and interview Hype Turner.

 “Are you excited about EDC?”

Hype Turner: Yeah, yeah for sure it’s dope!

 “Is this your first year playing?”

 Hype Turner: No, I played last year on the Corona Activation with Clips (Clips X Ahoy).

 “Did you guys do a B2b?”

Hype Turner: I mean we both played, but yeah we did do one last year. Clips is my homie though. I’ve been friends with him for a while. Well this year, we will both be on the actual line-up for EDC, because last year we just did the Corona Activation.

 “So are both of you playing on the Beach stage and the ArtCar?”

Hype Turner: Yeah were doing the Boombox Artcar first, then the Electric Beach.

 “Clips said he’s doing another preparty, are you planning on that too?”

Hype Turner: I mean I’ll probably be there if anything. I know were both working on doing an after-party too.  I don’t know for sure yet.

 “So I’ve meant to ask, you were on 1am radio with YesJulz, what was up with that?”

Hype Turner: The other day?


Hype Turner: It is just like studio stuff. I work on a lot of pop stuff, hip-hop, and latin stuff

“With her?”

Hype Turner: No, not with her. She was just there. It is just the same studio we go to. It is in Wynnwood in Miami, and we just happen to be working together.

“You guys have never worked together on anything?”

Hype Turner: No, not yet, but it is all there. Hopefully, something will happen, that’s the plan.

“Is there anything else big coming up for you?”

Hype Turner: I have been working on my album. It is probably going to come out in the middle of November.

“Is it a whole album? Or an EP?”

Hype Turner: Well, it’s an EP. Its seven songs. It is called Dirty Tropix. It is the kind of music I want to make. With a latin/pop and Miami base. Of course there will be some trap and feel good type of vibes to it as well. All the vocals will be me, and there will be features with Happy Colors, which is my roommate.

“So we can expect the album to have more features?”

Hype Turner: Yeah, I worked on stuff with Clips. Also one of my homies Sweet Teeth who is based out of Virginia. So expect a lot of that with this new EP, a little bit of everything. I wanted it to stay true to who I am though.

“So you would say this is the biggest thing you have accomplished so far as an artist?”

Hype Turner: For sure. This is the most time I’ve spent on a body of work. I am trying to pay tribute to Miami at the same time. Bring all the sounds from that culture and put it into this project. I also want to do something different than my peers.

“When did you start on this project?”

Hype Turner: About a year ago, I started playing more shows, and I developed an idea of what type of sound I wanted to go for and went from there to create this EP. And it for sure has been a process, to be happy with it.

“Sounds great, well we can’t wait to hear what you and the rest of these guys have in store for us at EDC! Thanks for chatting with me.”

Photo: Yinuo Li (Instagram:

Alright well you heard it here. EDC festival go-ers, expect to hear some dope new beats from Hype Turner and the rest of his crew. And keep an eye out for the Electric Beach stage at EDC to see Clips X Ahoy, Hype Turner and plenty of other artist. The EDC Orlando website already announced dates and times of each artist performing there, so go check them out!


Photo: Yinuo Li (Instagram:


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