Upcoming Event- STUFFED: Can Someone Pass the Beats


This upcoming week we prepare our stomachs for this biggest meal of 2017. We also can’t forget about important events leading up to this eventful day. In Tampa, on Wednesday, SXS presents to you Stuffed: Can Someone Pass the Beats. Headliners include; Bonnie x Clyde, Nitti Gritti, Vincent and much more! Stuffed is a mini charitable festival, with a goal to give back to the community. For every can you bring to the event, you get 1 dollar off the cover. In addition to the can donation, there will be a silent auction. These proceeds will go towards the making T-shirts and blankets for those in need. Let us take this as an opportunity to open our hearts not only for our love of music but for to help people in need. Grab your tickets now before it’s too late!




Event Details:

When: 11/22/2017

Where: The Orpheum, 1915 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL, 33605

Time: 7pm – 2:30am

Need to know:

• Silent Auction

• Bring can goods, $1 off for each can donated (Maximum $15 off)


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