ACRAZE: Ready for 2018

ACRAZE, Ritz Tampa; Photo: @felxfrancisco

After an incredible performance at the EDM hotspot, The Ritz (Tampa, FL), where ACRAZE played direct support for the one and only “king of kicks” DJ 4B, there’s no looking back now. Ritz goers were amazed by the high energy and heart pumping bass sounds during the set. Its no surprise to see this from ACRAZE after hearing his soundcloud catalog. We also got a chance to catch them during Art Basel, where the Miami scene got a first hand taste of what the hype was all about. These past few weeks have been nothing short of a preview for what’s to come for ACRAZE, in 2018. With an arsenal of tracks on platforms such as soundcloud in the 10k plus play range, ACRAZE seems to be loaded with upcoming releases for 2018. With support from 4B and the constant evolvement as an artist, ACRAZE proves he’s ready for a festival stage in the near future. Take a listen for yourself below!

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